Inclusive care, why it is the physicians job to do better…. Just some thoughts

At a previous juncture, I worked in a two-doctor clinic that was named after a European word for “female”. Also, both doctors there were white. All that may, right off the bat, create a feeling of isolation if you do not identify as female but were assigned female at birth, or if you are a person of color. Understandable. At the precipice of societal shift, there needs to be more of a movement to create a safe and comfortable healthcare space for AFAB and those who do identify as female, while also considering certain struggles and individual challenges alike.

I would like to just say, I take all of this super seriously and am continuously making educated choices and changes to create a safe space for all. As a naturopathic physician my whole approach to health is individualized care, taking the time to consider all of the person’s mental, emotional, and physical struggles, and optimizing all of it through treatment and health education.

But being in that position, also holds the responsibility of continuously learning ourselves. The notion of inclusive care means that nobody should be left out, and that all doctors should be trained and prepared to treat any and every patient in the manner that is the safest and most comfortable for them. The medical system as a whole, needs to embrace the idea of knowing the most up to date research on various health studies, new treatments and the best way to serve a myriad of communities.

Dr. Noe King